Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For getting 3D, you don’t need a second mortgage.

In my last post, I predicted that the first generation 3D products will be very expensive.

I was wrong. First generation products from Panasonic and Samsung are available in stores for nearly a month now. You can get a 46” or 50” 3D 1080P TV, a 3D blu-ray player and two pairs of 3D glasses for around $3,000. 3D capable receivers (HDMI 1.4) are being launched for as low as $329.

With products from other manufacturers hitting the market, the prices will definitely drop and may drop significantly by the holiday season this year. So I will not be surprised if you are able to buy a 46” 3D TV for around $1,000 within two years.

Anybody planning to buy a new TV should seriously consider the 3D option or play the waiting game until the dust clears and the prices drop to much more affordable levels.

Personally, I will wait for at least a year before switching to 3D. By that time,
  • More content will be available in 3 D format.
  • Prices will be at least 40% lower than today’s levels.
  • Second or third generation products will be available with more maturity in technology, features and standards.
I will be attending a webinar on 3D TV tomorrow and will post another update.

Stay tuned….